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TraceyLynn Counts

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about TraceyLynn Counts

Creative Lead - Digital Producer


Since the beginning, storytelling embracing the vision of a company and bringing it to life through stirring original graphics and sound strategic development has been my calling. I’m an artist and visionary foremost. I’ve worked primarily as a Multi-Media Specialist/ Visual Producer. A creative, persistent, agile problem solver and driven marketing professional with years of experience leading teams in producing all visual elements of a multichannel business branding and promotional projects. Experienced, manager with a development, design, and digital production background. More than an accomplished media producer, I’ve been inspirational leader who can communicate ideas effectively to inspire others and has consistently guided clients and internal teams to achieve cohesiveness of vision and successful execution of creative strategies. I’ve been an integral part of creative teams for organizations like Sony Music, Arista Records, the former Jive and LaFace Records, ABC, NBC and CBS tv networks where my work has been featured on shows such as The View, GMA, TODAY Show, 60 Minutes and the Montel Williams Show, and has provided invaluable creative input for consumer and retail marketers like Footlocker, Inc., VERIZON, Ralph Lauren and Canoe Ventures. I’m a NYU graduate with a Masters in Graphic Communications Management and Technology. On a mission to make the world a better place with transformational change for the better in communications with creativity and digital technology. I’m passionate about connecting the dots that inspire people and get results. Respected in the media industry as a person who delivers exceptional results from concept to creation, I’m seeking to join organizations that is open to diversity and willing to broaden its horizons by incorporating all available media platforms to get their message across. For more information on projects, goals and professional affiliations visit:

Why CBE?

I support the Coalition of Black Excellence because of its mission to “Build•Promote•Inspire”. I too want to help build and bridge the gaps for black professionals and business owners of the Bay Area.