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Liku Madoshi

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about Liku Madoshi


Bledsoe, Diestel, Treppa & Crane LLP

Liku Madoshi is an associate attorney at the law firm Bledsoe, Diestel, Treppa & Crane, in San Francisco, CA. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Thomas Jefferson School of Law and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communication Studies with a minor in Philosophy from California State University, Sacramento. Liku has two publications to date: The Development of Trust in African American Voting Behavior (2014) and Policing the Police: Racial Implicit Bias & Limiting Police Discretion to Use Military Gear Against Protestors (2017). Her academic interests lie in social justice, particularly, as it pertains to the injustices resulting from the systemic oppression of Black people. Liku is passionate about the advancement of Black communities and looks forward to assisting them in any way she can.

Why CBE?

I support CBE because it highlights the hard work and success of Black people. CBE is necessary not only to promote the excellence of Black people but to ensure there is a strong community that aids in that excellence continuing. I appreciate CBE’s focus and mission, and I’m confident it will be instrumental for Black people in the Bay Area in the years to come. We need more efforts like CBE.