From Cosby to R. Kelly – Do #BlackWomenMatter?

Although the sexual abuse of and violence against Black women and girls in the United States likely originated and was perpetuated during American slavery, it persists today ultimately leaving us to question whether Black women’s lives matter?  Our present day culture not only shames and silences women and girls, but also enables and protects the accused abusers.

This Panel will explore our history, current state as well as some issues that are seemingly unique to our community, such as:  

  • Are the stereotypes of the Sapphire and Jezebel born during slavery and persistent today contributing to the current state?
  • Are our girls viewed and treated differently by society?
  • Do our families and communities protect and/or enable the accused, in part, by failing to hold them accountable?
  • Is social media, “reality” tv or the current political climate exacerbating and complicating the current state?

Just like getting through the docu-series Surviving R Kelly is hard, this is a hard topic to embrace without feeling overwhelmed.  

This panel will provide some resources available for survivors, their friends and families as well as start the conversation around short and long term solutions.