Finding the right investor as a black or brown founder

How do I get access to capital as a black or brown founder?

And should I take everyone’s offer to invest?

Starting your own business can be exciting and overwhelming. As a person of color, the proposition of raising capital can feel especially challenging. Fewer than 1% of tech companies with Black founders receive venture capital funding, and less than 1% of American venture capital-backed founders are Black. And Black entrepreneurs often have to overcome funding bias stemming from the lack of representation in VCs.  Nevertheless, there are still opportunities for minority founders to get access to capital.

This panel will discuss issues and experiences surrounding raising capital as a minority founder. Experts in providing and retaining start-up funding will discuss how to sell your idea, build a relationship with investors, what information should be known before allowing someone to invest in your business, and the organizations and resources Black entrepreneurs should know about as they prepare to raise capital.