Breaking the Stigma – a look at Nutrition, Mental Health and Blackness

I know I should be taking my mental health and wellness more seriously; but how do I break through the negative stigma and empower others to do the same?

It’s impossible to be successful at anything if we aren’t first taking care of our health and wellbeing! This panel discussion will explore the complexities of stigma within the Black community as it relates to mental and physical health. Panelists will cover questions such as: how does lack of access to quality food play a role in our choices; what can we do to overcome the stigma around what is considered “Black food” and make better, nutritional decisions; why do we often ignore the signs of mental distress and what are the consequences; how do we get our community on board with professional interventions; and what can we do right now to better manage our overall mental wellbeing? You will leave this session knowing how to better manage your own health, understand the benefits of doing so, and learn how to empower others to do the same!