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our mission

Our mission is to unify and elevate the Black Community



Black professionals across sectors to promote the exchange of business opportunities and to provide a space to strategize about how to elevate the Black community as a whole.


among Black employees, business owners, and community representatives in order to inspire future generations of leaders.


professionals about industry developments, career growth, and business opportunities.


through volunteer activities and by raising funds to financially support outreach efforts to underserved neighborhoods.

our vision

To connect and cultivate Black excellence by highlighting the intersectionality of the Black community through professional development, community engagement and economic empowerment.

the gap

We aim to bridge the socio-economic, generational, and professional gaps in the Black community.

  1. Providing 360 development opportunities (professional gap). 

    We recognize that there are few opportunities that bring together Black professionals across multiple sectors to come together, exchange ideas and business opportunities, and strategically collaborate to uplift the Black community.

    We are filling this current void by curating panel discussion and workshops at the CBE Summit across six tracks that will be open to all attendees! We are creating one space for Black professionals to learn about leading industry development topics across our six tracks:
  • Technology &  Life Sciences
  • Music, Art & Entertainment
  • Finance & Entrepreneurship
  • Government & Legal
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Education & Social Impact
  1. Creating affordable professional development events (socio-economic gap).

    We aim to bridge the socio-economic gap by ensuring that all Black professionals have access to world-class professional development and networking events. How do we achieve affordability? CBE is an entirely volunteer run organization, which minimizes the overhead costs and allows for more funds to go back to the community!  CBE relies on sponsorships and donations to fund its programming. These supporters are essential to allowing CBE to fulfill its mission and ensure that our programing is inclusive of Black professionals regardless of their socio-economic status.

  1. Facilitating organic mentorship opportunities within the Black community (generational gap).

    CBE aims to close the generational gap in the Black community. We recognize that there have been decades of trailblazers who have encountered the same issues the Black community is facing today. There is no need to reinvent the wheel – young professionals should be learning from seasoned professionals. But how can they if they never have the opportunity to be in the same room? To counter this problem, CBE programming is intentionally designed to reach young and seasoned professionals. Our theory is simple, if we create the space for them to come together, then maybe we can inspire more genuine mentorship and sponsorship opportunities within the Black community!