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Be the change

activating volunteerism
+ strengthening the community

CBE is powered by a team of passionate volunteers, dedicated to the mission of unifying and elevating the Black community.

Our goal is to align volunteer interests and skill sets with the needs of CBE and the broader community. We are always looking for energized, committed volunteers who are willing to dive in, take ownership, think outside the box and help CBE make an impact.

become a volunteer + join the CBE team

Volunteering with the CBE team comes in many forms and functions. From committee leadership to day-of-event support, we empower our members to use their talents to elevate the community. Join our team of volunteers!

find CBE volunteers
for your organization

Our commitment to the community doesn’t stop with our membership. CBE inspires Black professionals to give their time, talent, and treasure to deserving nonprofits. Let our team know what your organization’s needs are and we will work to provide enthusiastic volunteers.

share your expertise
with CBE community

CBE amplifies impact by connecting talent Volunteer keynote speakers and panelists have spanned industry executives, government officials, entrepreneurs, health professionals, activists, and other community leaders. We are always looking for vibrant new voices.


Whether you’re looking to volunteer on a CBE program team, become a CBE event speaker, or find enthusiastic supporters for your organization’s cause, CBE is here for you! 


For direct inquiries, email us at