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Jamil Burns

Raised Roots


Jamil Burns is the founder of Raised Roots, an urban agriculture company. Jamil landed in agriculture during his college years in California’s Central Valley. He quickly found himself involved in several urban farms, meanwhile taking an interest in plant biology in school. After graduating, he began installing gardens in backyards, naming his business Raised Roots, and later farming a piece of land on his own. Through the Black Urban Farmers Association, he was able to secure a spot selling his produce at the Freedom Farmers Market in Oakland, where he rubbed shoulders with prominent black farmers like Mr. Will Scott of Scott Family Farms in Fresno and Mr. Ron Kelley of R. Kelley Farms in Sacramento. There Jamil saw shoes that would need filling and traditions that need stewarding. Today he farms church properties in Oakland in hopes to preserve Black excellence in agriculture in the face of displacement and food insecurity.